Propane Inc. takes pride in being a highly reliable local propane delivery company. With a strong commitment to our community and customer satisfaction, we've built a reputation for consistent and dependable service. We ensure that propane is delivered promptly, so our clients never have to worry about running out. We understand the importance of flexible scheduling and competitive pricing, making our services accessible to all.

Reliable Propane, Timely Delivery.

Propane Services

Propane Tank Installations

Partners with Michel Welding, we provide complete propane tank installation solutions, covering both above-ground and below-ground installations.

Gas Checks

Providing propane tank inspections to ensure safety and industry compliance.

Cathodic Testing

We perform cathodic testing on underground tanks to make sure your anode is compliable.

With a variety of propane offerings and a skilled local team, we're here to cater to your propane requirements with a personal touch.

Monitor Installation

Avoid gas shortages! We are countlessly checking your tank everyday to ensure you always have enough propane in your tank for your needs.